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Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows. Comment, and I'll give you a letter!

I don't often take up memes, but this one offered a challenge and some interesting character introspection. So without further ado-

(Doctor Who) Donna Noble: The second time I hung out with one of my good friends after he introduced me to Doctor Who, I was just finishing up Series 4 and I was completely taken aback when he said he didn't really like Donna. WHAT?! He waved it off with comments like 'she's too brash' or 'she gets really annoying' but I was just flabbergasted. All the things he found annoying about Donna I loved. Yes she brash and annoying and in your face, but it's in the best way possible. She didn't travel with the Doctor just to see new sights, she traveled to learn more about herself and the universe and she had no intentions of just letting it all happen to her either. Oh no. Once she was set loose, Donna Noble was ready and willing to let her thoughts be known. She was passionate, caring, and more than willing to reign in the Doctor's 'God Complex' when he needed it; just like any goof best friend. :)

(Lord of the Rings) Denethor: As much as I'm into the Sci-fi/Fantasy scene, it took me an embarrassing long time to find out about Lord of the Rings. Devoured the trilogy in a week once I did, and this little piece of work ranks up there in my top characters I love to hate list. Unlike Theoden, Denethor had no reason real reason to be an ass beyond his greed. True, he did lose Boromir in a very tragic way, but in no way is setting your last barely living child on fire with you an appropriate response! Denethor is a man who got comfy in his seat of power, was worn down by constant war fare, and learned nothing. He can go die in a fire.

Oh. Wait... ;)

(Chrono Trigger) Dalton: Oh, Dalton. XD After all the battles you encounter with him in the game, I'm fairly certain the only reason the Queen of Zeal kept him as her right hand man was for sex. He's the bad guy you sorta love for all that he fails and keeps coming back as you go through the replays of this game. Dalton won a spot on this list solely based on one of my favorite scenes in Chrono Trigger where he breaks the 4th wall and demands that heroic music that plays when he goes to fly off (in your stolen time machine) be changed to something more sinister; to which the game supplies some alternative boss battle music. What can I say? I'm a sucker for 4th wall jokes. Not to mention my undying love for this game in general. :D

(Alice) 'David' Hatter: I'm sort of cheating with this one as the movie doesn't officially say his first name is 'David', but I'm counting it anyway because the man is just fantastic. I really enjoy seeing different takes on the Mad Hatter character from Alice in Wonderland, and this role is my favorite to date (though I am very excited to see what Once Upon a Time does with theirs this Sunday ^_^). As the owner of a shop that sells people's emotions, he's charming, cunning, handsome and very unimpressed by this concept called 'personal space'. Even with all his quirks, at the heart of it he's just a good person that has lost his path, and it's really his struggle and character arc that keeps you watching. That and some business about a ring. That tiny bit of jewelry is always getting in the way.

(Harry Potter) Dumbledore, Albus: *Sigh* You know, as much as the fandom seems to love to hate him - and I agree that he didn't go about things the best way with Harry - I'm a bit tired of seeing all the Dumbledore bashing in fics. I really don't think he needed/cared about interfering with Harry's love life/money. There is no denying he was a manipulator though and had a very crafted facade to get people to do the things he wanted done. While sometimes the greater good is the best goal to work for, it's not the only goal, and I think Dumbledore loses sight of that as things progress in the series. What often gets written off as a constant manipluative drive, is very often his major character flaw of believing in every person's inherit goodness. Dumbledore is a good borderline character for me and as such I enjoy a fanfic more when the man must live up to his mistakes, and then work to make things better. Out of all the character's in the series, he's my favorite to see a good redemption piece for.

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