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Admittedly it's not much so far. Just about a page of actual story- but that more than I've been able to do in HOW MANY MONTHS NOW?!

I started with NNW to get momentum before jumping back into CAC. Not to mention I need to do a reread so I can make sure the new chapter will flow well from the old one and refresh my memory while I'm at it. I won't post a spoiler preview for that (it could jinx things after all) but I will post the little write up I got for another scene for my Doctor Who! Crack piece. Not even gonna lie, it's probably the first scene I've had the idea for that actually made ME laugh as I was typing the summary. Good times you guys. Good times. ^_^

It was late in the evening and the Doctor was sitting at the kitchen table. Head and shoulders hunched inward as he wrote on the sheaf of paper before him. With a flourish of his fountain pen on the last word, the Doctor sat up and relaxed properly into his chair, a wistful smile on his face.

(Master comes over, peering over his shoulder and asks what the Doctor is doing. The Doctor tries to hide it, claiming they're episode rough drafts, but the Master grabs it, citing his need as a staff writer to see what he's got in mind, before loudly exclaiming that the Doctor was writing poetry. Love Poetry. In Gallifreyan. Badly. The Master dips and dodges the Doctor's attempts to get the paper back while the Master reads aloud:

Forever she shall be my star.
Though once I held her near,
Now she must guide me from afar.

He makes fun of the horrible rhyme and words choices. The Doctor claims he's translating to English on purpose just to make it sound terrible. Gleeful, the Master leads them outside where Romana is sitting and reading, (human slow) so to try and embarrass the Doctor further by showing her.

Romana listens to a few lines as he reads but doesn't show much reaction other than to look away from her book. When the Master stops, smiling broadly, she takes a second and then smirks at him while the Doctor snatches back his poetry. Romana teases the Master of being envious of the Doctor's ability to write emo poetry as he's never felt love like that, a fact she already knew of course, and that he should go away so she can read. The Doctor preens before realizing what Romana said about his poetry and goes off, muttering and smoothing out his now crumpled paper. The Master tries to claim their human relationship while they'd been fob watched was real, and Romana claims that if he really felt that way then he would be able to produce poetry of the same caliber for her, now wouldn't he?

Determined to prove her wrong, the Master pulls up a chair across from the Doctor – now back at the dinning room table – and swipes one of the sheets of paper before hunching over to write his own poetry. Pausing for a moment to ask the Doctor's opinion on having a rhyme about her idiocy, to which he claims that he'd rather want to go the other direction with a love poem. The Master just takes this as further proof that he doesn't know anything about true Gallifreyan poetry and keeps the verse...until he sees the Doctor has gone back to his own writing, as he then takes the moment to scratch out the verse.)

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I needs me a Ten/Master icon.

LOL!!! Romana is so evil. XD

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