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Title: Hues
Characters: Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)
Rating: Gen
Genre: General/Romance
Summary: The changes of a life viewed through other lenses.
Comments: A day late birthday gift for the lovely [ profile] silverlunarstar My first try at birthday fic bb, but I hope you like it. :)

It's a funny old saying really, and certainly one that's been used to describe him before. More often as a taunt then a compliment of course, but then Thomas Hughes hadn't exactly given it a positive spin from the get go.

Perhaps he could start a revival for it then?

After all, what was so wrong about seeing the best in people? Some of his closest friends and companions only needed someone to believe in them; to show them just how brilliant they truly were. Sarah Jane was living proof of just how fantastic they were on their own after they left him.

Still, that wasn't exactly blind naivete so much as seeing someone's potential, so he couldn't say he'd ever truly felt like the phase could apply to him. Hopeful and compassionate though he may be, he'd lived too long and seen too much -done too much- to ever really be considered naive anymore. Now though.

Oh, now.

The Doctor smiled softly as he basked in the sight of this yellow and pink human just as she did in the glorious amber and violet sunset that played out across the ocean and rocks before them. She turned her wistful smile upon him not a few seconds later, reaching out to effortlessly weave their hands together while holding his gaze. Both actions filling his chest with the most pleasing kind of warmth that he didn't know a person could be given so often, or so effortlessly.

No. He'd never seen the universe through rose tinted glasses.

...but certainly saw in the brilliant technicolor of one lived in with Rose.

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