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I love Syfy's Alice. Did you know? The Tim Burton one? Eh, not so much. Maybe if it had come out before hand but I just feel that Syfy's Alice was darker, and well, had a decent plot really ;P

That being said, I do love the Almost Alice soundtrack. It actually has decent artists and songs...but I never felt like it fit Burton's movie. Whenever I listen to it, I think of Hatter and Alice from alice and I don't see that ever changing. *nods* So today while skipping through songs at work on my ipod, I realized that no one really cares what my album art is besides me so screw the creepy Johnny Depp picture, I'm putting in some Hatter and Alice love! ^_^ Sadly either no one seems to agree with me...or my short search was not enough to turn up any decent results. As such, I decided to make some of my own and am posting them here to share.

I haven't attempted image design in....years. My main vision was just to keep these simple. Clean lines, stylized font and a few accents. Feel free to download and use to your pleasure. :D I like some more than others (first one is probably my fav) but I know I will like them all over the album art currently in use ;P Took all of these screens myself so if you'd like to use one, let me know and I'll send it your way.

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