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Title: Hues
Characters: Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)
Rating: Gen
Genre: General/Romance
Summary: The changes of a life viewed through other lenses.
Comments: A day late birthday gift for the lovely [ profile] silverlunarstar My first try at birthday fic bb, but I hope you like it. :)

It's a funny old saying really... )
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A few hours into the day and I'm already receiving several birthday well wishes on all the usual suspects, as well as a few birthday first. I've never had anyone gift me a fic before and the digital cupcake was also a very nice surprise when I checked my messages this morning, so thank you for those my flist friends. ^_^

I wanted to take this moment however on my birthday to wish you all a very merry unbirthday in return! :D I even baked you a cake. ;)

A very nice robot gave it to me. Said she wouldn't be needing it for some reason...Oh well, more for us then!

I think I'll be spending my day doing some writing or drawing. Gym first though, that's sadly unavoidable, but floor/chair class is a fun way to do it I suppose. ;) You all enjoy this lovely cake and have a Very Merry Unbirthday!

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For almost as long as I can remember, my birthday has never really been my own. One of my younger sisters was born the day before I turned 6 and our little brother followed the day before her one year later.

Yes, our birthdays are the 6th, 7th, and 8th.

No sane parent would want to have three separate parties day after day, so we've always just celebrated them together (sometimes even dragging in my uncle as well since his birthday is the 14th). Something I didn't enjoy much when I became a teenager. Even now as I turn 27 today, I can say that while I'll look back on some of those parties and family events fondly, I look forward to celebrating it just once a year (not three times over one week/month) with my own family. It gets a bit old since two of them are just small family dinners, so the one I really look forward to is the night I celebrate with my close friends. :)

I meet up with 4 of my good friends every week just to hang out and catch up and it happened that it was my turn to host this week so I decided to treat myself for my own celebration instead of going out somewhere. My roommates and I spent most of the afternoon putting together a Chinese buffet style dinner (grilled teriyaki chicken, garlic green beans, crab ragoon, egg drop soup, and fried rice) and ending with my very first attempt at a cake made from scratch. Everything turned out delicious but the highlight was my cake. It was a white cake with a strawberry buttercream frosting that turned out so much better then I had hoped! ^_^ Light, fluffy, moist and the strawberry flavor wasn't over powering at all.

Even though I was dead tired by the end of the night, I had fun just talking and playing Quark (seriously fun/silly new board game) it was one of the best birthday celebrations I've had in a long time. And bonus, I now get to spend my actual birthday relaxing, writing, and having a nice dinner out tonight with my best friend/roommate. ^_^ The only thing better would be if I could have my fiance with me too, but I know I'll have lots of future ones with him.

I still have my family dinners/celebrations over the next two weekends, but so far, it's been a great birthday and I look forward to many more. :)

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