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Admittedly it's not much so far. Just about a page of actual story- but that more than I've been able to do in HOW MANY MONTHS NOW?!

I started with NNW to get momentum before jumping back into CAC. Not to mention I need to do a reread so I can make sure the new chapter will flow well from the old one and refresh my memory while I'm at it. I won't post a spoiler preview for that (it could jinx things after all) but I will post the little write up I got for another scene for my Doctor Who! Crack piece. Not even gonna lie, it's probably the first scene I've had the idea for that actually made ME laugh as I was typing the summary. Good times you guys. Good times. ^_^

It was late in the evening and the Doctor was sitting at the kitchen table. Head and shoulders hunched inward as he wrote on the sheaf of paper before him. With a flourish of his fountain pen on the last word, the Doctor sat up and relaxed properly into his chair, a wistful smile on his face.

(Master comes over, peering over his shoulder and asks what the Doctor is doing. The Doctor tries to hide it, claiming they're episode rough drafts, but the Master grabs it, citing his need as a staff writer to see what he's got in mind, before loudly exclaiming that the Doctor was writing poetry. Love Poetry. In Gallifreyan. Badly. The Master dips and dodges the Doctor's attempts to get the paper back while the Master reads aloud:

Forever she shall be my star.
Though once I held her near,
Now she must guide me from afar.

He makes fun of the horrible rhyme and words choices. The Doctor claims he's translating to English on purpose just to make it sound terrible. Gleeful, the Master leads them outside where Romana is sitting and reading, (human slow) so to try and embarrass the Doctor further by showing her.

Romana listens to a few lines as he reads but doesn't show much reaction other than to look away from her book. When the Master stops, smiling broadly, she takes a second and then smirks at him while the Doctor snatches back his poetry. Romana teases the Master of being envious of the Doctor's ability to write emo poetry as he's never felt love like that, a fact she already knew of course, and that he should go away so she can read. The Doctor preens before realizing what Romana said about his poetry and goes off, muttering and smoothing out his now crumpled paper. The Master tries to claim their human relationship while they'd been fob watched was real, and Romana claims that if he really felt that way then he would be able to produce poetry of the same caliber for her, now wouldn't he?

Determined to prove her wrong, the Master pulls up a chair across from the Doctor – now back at the dinning room table – and swipes one of the sheets of paper before hunching over to write his own poetry. Pausing for a moment to ask the Doctor's opinion on having a rhyme about her idiocy, to which he claims that he'd rather want to go the other direction with a love poem. The Master just takes this as further proof that he doesn't know anything about true Gallifreyan poetry and keeps the verse...until he sees the Doctor has gone back to his own writing, as he then takes the moment to scratch out the verse.)

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So flisters, you may or may not have noticed a lack of any activity from me from about...mid November. The main reason for that being my friend and I were last minute confirmed for a table at the gaming convention Magfest. This of course meant the 5 months I originally had to make my little dolls suddenly became 1.5 and i had to crochet and sew like a mad woman.

All the work paid off in the end though as my friend and I had a kick ass time at the con and each made over 1k selling our geeky crafts. :D We were also interviewed! So if you'd like to see a tired Saturday morning me takling about my stuff then just click on the link here.

The most surprising thing for me at the con was just how popular Doctor Who was with gamers. I sold my 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 10th Doctor in Blue, Cyberman, and a plush TARDIS. Only poor Rose didn't sell :( Though I gave out lots of business cards to people anxious to see what new Doctor Who dolls I would make, so that's exciting as I love new friends/stalkers. ^_^

Two girls also made my weekend by knowing who/where my Hatter doll was from and we gushed over Mr. Potts for a good few minutes. :D

This was my first convention where I've been able to talk to people who are buying my dolls and it was really great to see how many people like my little creations, and talk to them about them. As such, I do have about 5 doll commissions to make before I can get started on new ones for my next convention in April (A comic con so lots of superhero dolls coming this way soon), but before then I want to churn out some new chapters for Curious and Curiouser. Poor chapter 11 has been in my head since June and I'd like to reward my faithful readers by writing up maybe another 4-5 chapters to post over the next 2 months so that while I'm working on dolls and things I don't have to worry about trying to write at the same time.

I'd also like to get some chapters written for my DW/Alice crossover New New Wonderland as I really want to get to the second arc as I've FINALLY over the last few months started to figure out how I'd change the plot of Alice. :)

Well, I've got one gaming onesie commission down and one to go before starting my dolls, but I'll be around the interwebs while I work so you should start seeing me around more. ^_^
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So...Nanowrimo...was too depressed to try it last year and my schedule has just cleared up time wise so I'm thinking I may take a crack at it. Though, not the starting a new story part (I really do not need a new plot to work on thanks) but just writing 50k words in a month. So my plans for it are this:

~8k to finish up 'Living the High Life' which, with luck, Part 4 will be done today
~30-40k for another 3-4 chapters of 'Curiouser and Curiouser' and possibly a 'Moments of Lucidity' piece
Remainder to be used for whatever strikes my fancy for already established works (like Complicated and New Wonderland) or as drabbles/one-shots.

Seeing how much of Tumbling I churned out back when I started it, I think it's a very realistic/achievable goal to aim for. No doubt CaC readers will be happy to know I'm not dead. *hangs head in shame* Means I'll be taking a rather large break from crafting for the month, but I'm considering it research time to see who/what I need to make things for for Christmas.

On an off topic Doctor Who related note: got into a conversation with my sister about Doctor Who companions and - being much more into fashion than I ever will be - she informed me of the fact that the look Rose sports (roots showing and wearing heavily applied mascara) was actually a fashion style for a few years. So, there you go people. She didn't always need to dye her hair, she actually kept it that way on purpose. Makes sense when you look at the shift in her look after spending 3 years in Pete's World (no roots, very light make up, and a bit nicer clothing). Kind of makes me want to write a drabble for that conversation between her and TenII about her change in style.

Well, off to try and finish this chapter. *cracks knuckles*
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It's true. I never stop thiking about the fics I'm working on but, with a few exceptions, I usually don't feel like writing. Doubly so since my best friend moved out in June and I never get time alone to write (except for sitting on my bed in my room which is quite uncomfortable really). Combined with wedding planning/immigration paper work and crafting to sell tihngs at cons and you get a big lump of no time online.

Since hopping back into HP fics though and being just disgusted at what's popular right now (*gasp* your fic has Weasley and Dumbledore bashing to the extreme and Harry has a harem!!? That sounds so completely original! *rolls eyes with heavy amounts of sarcasm*) it has kicked my desire to write something decent back into the forefront on my mind. So this is where I stand on things:
  • Harry Potter/Alice Crossover 'Curious and Curious' - Chapter 11 now has a title to go with it's outline, along with many small notes in my head that I may or may not remember while I write. Hatter and Alice will be getting seperate scoldings and may have their talk before it ends, depends on how long the piece is already running.
  • Doctor Who/Alice Crossover 'New New Wonderland' - Chapter 2 has been sitting with about 2 pages typed into the first scene since June and I feel quite guilty about it. I've fallen into the trap of actually plotting everything out in detail and now have little drive to work on this crossover/ Doctor&Rose reunion fic as I know what happens. *sigh* Really would like to work on it some as it would be a very serious piece and I think my idea is a unquie one.

I have a week until my next convention so I do need to work on finishing the things I need for that (5 dolls, 4 hacky-sacks, bottlecaps and wands) but I think I'll try to do some writing tonight and see what comes of it. :)

Also, side note, after sepending some more time on LJ I think I'm going to put my fiction up on my journal here as well in the near by future. Thinking about back dating it if I do so I don't clog up those very few people who have me on their f-list. Plus it would let me make pretty banners for my stories and as an artist this appeals to me greatly. XD
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And I am at that. *evil grin*

[info]sar_kaz_m this preview is being put up just for you to reassure you ch. 10 is under way (not to mention I'm fairly sure you're the only person who looks for these little bonuses of mine ;P ) and, if the 10 pages written so far are any indicator, should be finished either tomorrow or Monday. ^_~ Enjoy!
CaC chapter 10 excerpts/preview )

And that's all for right now. :D Like I said, should be finished in a day or two. Till then! ;)
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Still super busy even after my con as I'm leaving for a week long cross-country drive this Saturday but I am working on my stories when I have a minute or two of down time. It's Complicated will probably see and update before I hit the road, while CaC will be worked on during my trip. It has a rather important scene coming up between Hatter and Alice that's constantly on my mind. Part of it just hit me so I'm placing it here for now. I think it's mostly spoil free as I kept things vague for the posting here, but it's also possible it will change somewhat anyway before it gets placed in the chapter.

There be dragons here )
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Okay, for whatever reason, I just can't make this scene work the way I want it too. It just feels awkward or the flow is wrong in some sections and I'm officially giving up on fixing it. Been trying to fix it for 2 weeks now. You know things are bad when you'll do just about anything BUT write stuff you've been looking forward to getting down in print for months.

Still, the idea had made me happy at one point and it's for bits like these that my LJ exists in the first place. Below is the now deleted bit. The event will still happen, but it will be in summary now. Hopefully I can finish chapter 8 by the end of the week as a result.

The few days the trio had to prepare came and went both quickly and too slowly at the same time until Friday afternoon found them stepping out of a taxi cab a good hour outside of New York City. It seemed strange at first that the lawyer would live so far out of the city to Alice but staring at the house behind the gate and curved driveway before them left no doubt in her mind that it was the right place. The paneling of the large imposing mansion had seen better days and she couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something was watching her as she followed Hatter towards the house. The creeping ivy and dead plants surrounding the connected greenhouse added to the feeling and she squeezed Hatter’s hand as she moved closer to him for additional comfort.

In short, the place gave her the creeps and Alice sincerely hoped they wouldn’t be kept here long before leaving for England.

Feeling Hatter give her hand a return squeeze caused her took look up at him finally and seeing his slightly wary glance at the house before them assured her more than the his grip had and she allowed a small smile. Harry’s energetic jog up the front steps proved he was the only member of their group still as excited as when they’d woken up that morning. Not wanting to be the reason to bring that happiness down, Alice let out a steadying breath and gave Harry a real smile when he looked back at the pair after ringing to door bell. A low rang tone through the house for a few seconds before the front door creaked open.

Instead of a face appearing, the first thing Alice could see was bottom ‘v’ of a vest and she had to look up, and then up some more until the expressionless face of a man she didn’t think would look out of place in a funeral parlor met hers. He stared down at all three of them without a word until Hatter finally broke the silence.

“Hello,” she heard him grin to her left, “I believe Mr. Addams is expecting us?”

The expressionless man gave a rumbling noise of what Alice could only guess was consent before stepping back as he opened the door fully. Harry had been unnerved by the tall man as well it seemed as he stuck closer to Alice and Hatter now as the three entered together and took in the front hall. It was clear that the office on Mulberry Street had been designed to match the house as dark gray wood and somber decorations surrounded them. Not letting his apprehension take over his innate curiosity apparently, Harry drifted away to look at some of the strange items in the hall. Before he could be warned not to touch any of them though, Harry stroked what had appeared to be a dark green stone lizard, that quickly uncurled from around the lamp base upon being touched, and shot a breath of fire at him before scuttling off.

“What the hell was that?!” Alice gasped while Harry laughed and tried to find the escaped lizard.

“That was Gustav,” a young woman’s voice to their right answered calmly and all three of them turned to look at her. Standing at the base of a large staircase, she appeared to be about Alice’s age with jet black hair bound in a single braid that fell over her shoulder and seemed to disappear into the mid-thigh length black dress she wore. “You scared him,” she stated in a flat monotone and looked down at Harry, “He doesn’t like to be touched by strangers.”

“Sorry,” Harry smiled brightly, “Thought he was part of the lamp; didn’t mean to give him a fright.” He then looked around the hall once, “Course I’m not sure what he’d find scary ‘bout me living in a place like this yeah?”

The woman raised one thin eyebrow and cracked the hint of smile at Harry’s comments before turning to their left, “Come with me. Father has been expecting you.” Still not feeling comfortable in the place, Alice took comfort from Hatter’s calm presence and Harry’s nonchalance as the group followed behind the unknown woman.

A short trip down the hall found them led into a study and Alice felt Hatter tense at the wide range of swords on display along the walls. It only took a moment for her to remember what he’d said about his last meeting with his lawyer and suddenly the encounter didn’t seem quite so funny any more.

“Father,” their guide stated as she stopped in front of a large desk. She looked back at their group once as they filed in beside her before turning to face the desk again, “They’re here. Are you prepared yet?”

Alice could only assume the man behind the desk shrinking files and sticking them in an open trunk was Mr. Addams and thankfully he didn’t seem interested in another impromptu sword fight. With a wave of his hand a few more items jumped into the open trunk before it closed with a resonating ‘thunk’. “Yes, I believe that will take of us for the week Wednesday,” he remarked before looking up at their little group. “Welcome dear friends,” Mr. Addams grinned wildly and spread his arms as he walked around the desk.

He glanced over each of them before locking eyes with Alice and she found herself very uncomfortable with the look he gave her. “What an enchanting creature you have brought with you Mr. Hatter,” Mr. Addams charmed and placed a short kiss on her hand that Alice discreetly wiped off on her jeans. No matter how charming he was trying to be, Alice couldn’t help feeling creeped out but this man for some reason.

“Umm, thanks. I think,” she managed to reply with a wary glance at Hatter who just smiled back at her in amusement.

“This is Alice,” Hatter introduced her properly, “Harry’s secondary guardian. I thought it best she be a part of this yeah?” He gave her a quick smile and she saw Mr. Addams nod understandingly.

“Certainly,” Mr. Addams agreed before grinned widely once more, but this time at Harry. “And you,” he continued with a touch of awe, “You must be Harry Potter himself.”

Harry smiled back at the man with ease, “Well if I must be, then I suppose I am.” He looked curiously back at the woman standing off to the side, “She coming along too?”

“Yes,” Mr. Addams clapped his hands once and gestured for the woman to come closer, “This is my daughter, Wednesday Addams. She’s the other half of our legal team and agreed to help with the battle ahead.”

Unfinished obviously. Shame it wasn't working out, but I feel better getting rid of it then keep messing with it.

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The ideas. Make them stop. Now if you please.

Seriously though, I've been plagued with plot bunnies these past few weeks the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time. I blame watching Dr. Who personally. Damn show turning my first steps at fourth dimensional thinking sideways. It's seriously not fair. I've got the Doctor monologing in my head lately when I need Hatter dammit. the only time he want to show himself though is to whisper dirty things in my mind - jump at the bottom if that's all you'd like to take a peak at.

So far I've been hit with three story ideas - well - four really, but the fourth one isn't right in the realm of throw out the window or set aside for another day...but I'm not sure if it would turn out well. This is me tossing them all out there though to be encouraged or shot down equally.

1) A Harry Potter & OC centered fic. That right there should tell you how much I'm not planning on writing it. Fans seem to hate OCs with a passion. Either way, idea was neat. Involved a normal young person having lucid dreams about the series and changing things cause well, their dream who cares? but only Harry can seem to remember the dreamer and events that took place after they left. Things change and stuff happens - Moving on!

2) A Doctor Who Piece.  As often as the Darleks keep popping up, I have to imagine the universe won't stand for an absence of any kind. To that affect, this fic idea mainly revolved around the consequences of Rose taking the time vortex into her and having it cause changes in her. Both mentally and physically. Essentially a rewriting of season two of the new Doctor as a consequence.

3) A Doctor Who/Alice 2009 Crossover. Simple premise really. I just like the idea of bringing the 10th Doctor into the fun of Wonderland's government upheaval. Could be any companion but I am fond of Rose. Course to do it properly I'd need to change the entire story and honestly, if I can't to do the other one this one's not being done either.

Click for Hatter's evil promises )

Bah, I should've known better than to keep a log by my bed to write these things down. I'm off to try chugging away at CaC ch. 8 again. If I can just get past this stupid scene I know the rest will write itself! >.<
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Chapter should be done tonight, but here's a tease for a scene I've been looking forward to writing for many many months. After the cut for those who don't wish to spoil themselves. ^_~Read on? )


Read on? )
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So last week at work, I spilled a drink on my writing notebook and ruined it. >.< *sigh* So I've spent this afternoon copying over the all the notes and such I still need into my new one and came across this scene I'd jotted down and forgotten about. It's dialog only again and it's between Harry and the twins. Thought you might enjoy seeing how I plan on writing the twins. ^_^ Bold is Harry, regular text is the twins. Enjoy!

(Hit the jump for text) )
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Coming from a reader's perspective, taking more then my own set deadlines to write a chapter just fills me with anxiety, and I don't mean to the good kind. >.< I really can't wait until I'm not living with roommates any more. Anyone out there want to put pressure on my boyfriend to finally get off his butt and purpose? ;P

I really stressed out on getting chapter 4 up as it had the meat of my connection theory and worrying about the pacing right now as I know it's a bit slow. The next chapter should see some time skipping over the span of a week I think, and then larger chunks after that. I'll probably write up a Moment of Lucidity before then. Though I am tempted to write another Alice one shot that's a bit happier then For A Legend ended up being...still don't know where THAT bit of depression ended up coming from...
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Chapter three is being delayed. Sorry about that *wince*, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. It's a combination of the whole writing not being my strong suit and hobby overload. Happens to me sometimes when I focus too intently on any one craft. Cross-stitch, crochet, and now writing I suppose. I tried to cut this off by taking a over a month break....but I'm sure we all know how well THAT worked out. Ideas but no drive. The opposite problem that many author's I've followed seem to suffer from.

But that's not what I just realized.

It just hit me tonight what length of a story I've committed myself to and well....holy shit. My chapters average the 6k word length. Sometimes more sometimes less, but around that. According to my VERY sketchy outline, Harry won't get to Hogwarts until somewhere around chapter 15 (possibly as early as 10 depending on how things go) and I have this story ending when he's 14-15. CaC is going to easily eclipse TiM for length... and that kinda freaks me out. Not to mention I've already planned for this to be a three part set in the end (though part three will probably be the length of TiM). So's for me I suppose. *chuckles* It's what I get for letting my creativity run wild and people enjoying it I suppose. Ah well, as long as people continue to enjoy it I know I'll keep writing it. I want to know what happens just as badly! \o/

Now to show you all a glimpse of something I've been working on for the story. I am a sucker for details, and as fun as it is to read pieces that bash the books for the lack of them about wizarding society, I enjoy the stories that expand upon it more. So of course I'm doing the same. During the break between stories I made up time tables for the students and teachers at Hogwarts and I have to wonder Snape hates kids if this is how often he teaches them:

Poor Sprout is worse. She only has weekends to herself. I've made these based off the schedules available in the books, but they had some conflicting info that some things had to be moved. Still, should give you an idea of how I plan I suppose.
-Laialda ^_^
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I really enjoy writing these extra scenes as they give me a chance to not only do extra characterization that I couldn't fit in with the flow of the story, or flesh out events that get mentioned, but once again, have no home in the main story. Chapter three had been giving me such hell getting started that I thought about working on one, but I think I'll write one after it now that it's finally underway. I have a few that would compliment the plot right now (or for the next chapter) but not sure which I want to do more.
-The talk between Hatter and Pen I've referenced a few times, would mainly showcase the friendship they had along with Hatter's blatant inexperience with raising a kid
-Snippets of moments between Carol and Robert, including their reunion from Carol's POV, their first date, plans for the future, and possibly a bit with Hamilton family before Robert's kidnapping. A lot of their interaction happens off camera and I do feel like I neglect them
-Archibald Potter's fall into Wonderland, though if I do this one I may wait until after chapter 4 to post it as it would relate better

I have a few others that I've had on the plate since I started writing the extra chapters as well, one or two of which I've mentioned before.
-Charlie laying the reanimated knights to rest, which would include a tear filled moment between him and Sir Blagden as well as another hint for something I've been building on quite subtly, you know who you are if you've picked up on it ^_~
-More bonding/funny scenes with Harry and Hatter during Harry's two or so years in Wonderland, including the the hat catching on fire incident, the trip into Tugley Woods, and swimming lessons
-Jack and Duchess relationship scenes after Alice leaves, which would just be character building between the pair, fairly low on my list since they don't feature much in the sequel
-Reggie dealing with Hatter and Harry's 'sudden' disappearance after they go through the Looking Glass, and this will be moving up the list as I write more of CaC as it will become plot involved, but I don't think it will mesh well with the story flow, we'll see
-Summer vacation to Disney World, which has been done in other one shots before, but...well, they didn't have the people I have in mind to bring there *evil grin* >:D

Can you believe that all I need is a list of sentences (10 words or less typically) to remind me of these? I fear my brain will explode from all of these ideas one day... O.O

(p.s.-Chapter 3 is now titled There are no answers, only cross-references. Chapter 4 will be Go not to surrealist for council, for they will say both blue, and hippopotamus. The later of which I have on button pinned to the bulletin board at my desk. ^_^)

A glimpse

Jul. 5th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Working on chapter two at home but I had the inspiration for the dialog of a future scene for CaC while waiting for fireworks yesterday. It'll probably get adjusted when I get to this scene but I don't like leaving hand written pages laying about or document files filled with snippets (they make me want to finish them >.<) so decided I'd share this sneak peak here. It is dialog only, so have fun speculating who's talking. ^_~
"Are you quite alright?"
"I'm fairly sure I'm a decent mix of right and left actually. Are you all rights?"
"Oh of course not! And that wasn't what I meant. What I mean is that, umm, well...are you like a crazy person?"
"Well, if I was, then I would be and could be, but I never have been, not truly. So since I never was, and am not, then I must not be. That's logic yeah?"
"Oh. I see it now. You're one of those fans who take things to an unhealthy level aren't you? Fancy yourself as the Hatter then I suppose?"

"I'm afraid that job's filled actually."
"Yes well, I won't stick around and feed your obsession with a children's story. Undoubtedly you'll be asking me why a raven's like a writing desk next, when there are really much better riddles out there."
"The thought had-wait! You know the answer?"
"Of course I do. I mean, it wasn't terribly difficult to solve. Are you don't know?"

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