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Finally got the husband to be to sit down and watch Doctor Who with me when I was visiting him last week and I am haooy to announce he has correct opinions about not only the loveliness of 9, but about the undeniable chemistry between the Doctor and Rose, and how much he liked their relationship along with enjoying Rose as a character/companion! :D <3

That's one ship checked off the ol' list. Hoping to get him on the Alice and Hatter one next ^_~
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So Fall started out looking great. I went to my convention, did really, really well and bought my plane ticket to go and see my husband next week. The rest of the month was looking free of convention obligation as my next one isn't until January and I could use the time to finally work on my long neglected fics.

Then my mother got admitted to the hospital with her right lung having collapsed.

She's been taking medicine since January to treat a bacterial infection in her lungs call MAK or M.A.I. and had just started treatment at the end of June for a lung fungal infection that she'd picked up thanks to her compromised immune system. So they re-inflate the lung, get her off the oxygen and send her back home...only for me to drive her right back up 3 days later as her lung had started to collapse again, thus requiring what ended up being a 3 week stay at the hospital while they performed 2 separate surgeries (one after 3 days the other after 10 when they noticed her lung was still leaking).

She's home now and on the mend, albeit very slowly since you know...lung surgery and all, and all my time has gone completely out the window. My days before were work, feed pets, go to hospital, go home sleep, repeat and are now basically the same except I get to stay at home while trying to keep my mother's sprint's up and taking care of just about all of her needs (the 20 foot walk to the bathroom from her bed leaves her winded and needing to catch her breath). My younger 22 year old sister has been helping out as much as she can as well, but she's working 30 hr weeks while attending school full time so her availability is much more limited than mine. I can only hope my mother is well enough to prepare her own food come next Thursday when I fly out as I don't think anyone will be able to help her during the day...

I'm also the family hub for information on how her recovery was and is still going. Most everyone has been understanding about when I get them information and thankful for being kept in the loop, but my uncle, my mother's brother, has been driving me a bit crazy with his expectations as I apparently wasn't doing enough to keep the house clean and looking well maintained during those 30 mins I was at home everyday. A point driven home to the extreme when I came home from work Monday to find him doing a (bad) vacuuming job, cleaning the kitchen, and picking up things around the house. Things that I had slowly been working on over the weekend and then had to go back behind him and put things where they actually belonged and re-cleaning his quick kitchen job. Urg. I'm also on the edge of taking it as a personal insult that he calls either my self or my mother everyday to make sure she's eating enough - meaning as much food as he eats in a day which my mother couldn't do even before she got sick. It's a large source of frustration...

Tl;dr - My mother has been in the hospital for the last month and all of my free time was spent keeping her sane or taking care of her. I out right laughed at a friend of mine that I hadn't seen since my convention asked how my wedding plans and immigration work was coming. I sneak in reading, tumblr, and look at all my wonderful flist when I should be sleeping and am pretty much exhausted and at my breaking point.

Next Thursday can not come fast enough....and I feel horrible for saying that. *Sigh*
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Soo, I know I wasn't too keen on my party on Thursday, and even an hour before people were to arrive I wasn't happy because I had so much to do in so little time. But! This all turned around when my very good friends arrived and surprised me with their costume of choice: 9th Doctor and Rose

I was grinning so hard once I saw them that I didn't even notice Nine was holding up his wallet with psychic paper and introducing himself and his plus one. The pair had kept it under wraps from me and I'm so glad they did as it was the turning point of my night from grumpy to excited as I had not just Nine and Rose, but Ten and Eleven show up as well!! \o/ Win!!

Some small preview pictures and then lots more accompanied by a summary of the night under the cut. (Warning, lots of lovely pictures!)

You know you want to see more ;) )Here's to wishing everyone a fantastic Halloween!
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On day 4 of driving cross-country with my best friend this week and we've hit a minor bump...we messed up on some of our planning and can't go to the Civil Rights Museum we wanted to today (the ONLY day of the week it's closed is Tuesday >.<) and now we have another driving only day in front of us. And driving days? yeah, they lead to these sorts of conversations:

N-"...I'm on the wrong side of the bed."
B-"Is it gonna bother you?"
N-"No...I should be fine."
B-"Are you sure? Cause we can switch."
N-"Well I don't wanna put you out. Your side is all warm already."
B-"...That was a weak ass excuse."
N-"No, really though, I should be fine."
B-"Is it gonna keep you from sleeping?"
N-"Umm...I don't know..."
B-"Oh my god! Just switch the damn sides with me!" *Moves and forces N to roll over with a huff* " 'I don't know.' What the hell kind of answer is that?!"
In my defense, I was only worried I might roll off in the middle of the night cause my body would be expecting bed behind me when it wasn't there...

This is just the latest to add to a few other brilliant gems of dialog we've had in the car this week:
N-*sings* "The hills are alive with...giant mutant broccoli.."
N-*Points to tall wire fence* "Look, a net for that falling rock we keep hearing about."
B-"Uhhh...more like to stop the giant T-Rex coming to get us."
N-"50+ restaurants!...and something about cranberries..."
Fear for my brain power after this trip is over people. I know I am. o.o
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For almost as long as I can remember, my birthday has never really been my own. One of my younger sisters was born the day before I turned 6 and our little brother followed the day before her one year later.

Yes, our birthdays are the 6th, 7th, and 8th.

No sane parent would want to have three separate parties day after day, so we've always just celebrated them together (sometimes even dragging in my uncle as well since his birthday is the 14th). Something I didn't enjoy much when I became a teenager. Even now as I turn 27 today, I can say that while I'll look back on some of those parties and family events fondly, I look forward to celebrating it just once a year (not three times over one week/month) with my own family. It gets a bit old since two of them are just small family dinners, so the one I really look forward to is the night I celebrate with my close friends. :)

I meet up with 4 of my good friends every week just to hang out and catch up and it happened that it was my turn to host this week so I decided to treat myself for my own celebration instead of going out somewhere. My roommates and I spent most of the afternoon putting together a Chinese buffet style dinner (grilled teriyaki chicken, garlic green beans, crab ragoon, egg drop soup, and fried rice) and ending with my very first attempt at a cake made from scratch. Everything turned out delicious but the highlight was my cake. It was a white cake with a strawberry buttercream frosting that turned out so much better then I had hoped! ^_^ Light, fluffy, moist and the strawberry flavor wasn't over powering at all.

Even though I was dead tired by the end of the night, I had fun just talking and playing Quark (seriously fun/silly new board game) it was one of the best birthday celebrations I've had in a long time. And bonus, I now get to spend my actual birthday relaxing, writing, and having a nice dinner out tonight with my best friend/roommate. ^_^ The only thing better would be if I could have my fiance with me too, but I know I'll have lots of future ones with him.

I still have my family dinners/celebrations over the next two weekends, but so far, it's been a great birthday and I look forward to many more. :)

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