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On day 4 of driving cross-country with my best friend this week and we've hit a minor bump...we messed up on some of our planning and can't go to the Civil Rights Museum we wanted to today (the ONLY day of the week it's closed is Tuesday >.<) and now we have another driving only day in front of us. And driving days? yeah, they lead to these sorts of conversations:

N-"...I'm on the wrong side of the bed."
B-"Is it gonna bother you?"
N-"No...I should be fine."
B-"Are you sure? Cause we can switch."
N-"Well I don't wanna put you out. Your side is all warm already."
B-"...That was a weak ass excuse."
N-"No, really though, I should be fine."
B-"Is it gonna keep you from sleeping?"
N-"Umm...I don't know..."
B-"Oh my god! Just switch the damn sides with me!" *Moves and forces N to roll over with a huff* " 'I don't know.' What the hell kind of answer is that?!"
In my defense, I was only worried I might roll off in the middle of the night cause my body would be expecting bed behind me when it wasn't there...

This is just the latest to add to a few other brilliant gems of dialog we've had in the car this week:
N-*sings* "The hills are alive with...giant mutant broccoli.."
N-*Points to tall wire fence* "Look, a net for that falling rock we keep hearing about."
B-"Uhhh...more like to stop the giant T-Rex coming to get us."
N-"50+ restaurants!...and something about cranberries..."
Fear for my brain power after this trip is over people. I know I am. o.o
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Just got back to good old Mary's land and I am so very much not looking forward to work tomorrow. XP It rained/stormed just about every night in Orlando but I'd always left the park by then so it wasn't too bad. Sucked Sat. night though as the water taxi to the hotel wasn't running so I had to walk about 1.5 miles back to the hotel in 90 degree weather plus was about as fun as it sounds.
Still, I had an AWESOME time at the parks! ^_^

Click on the cut to read more details or trip )

Look for picspam of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade tomorrow evening sometime if you're interested in seeing said things. XD
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Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! XD

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for a four day weekend to Orlando Florida where I shall make much with the relaxation and happiness! ^.^ I've been looking forward to this trip for three months now and I'm so excited it's finally happening! \o/

I'll be staying at the Portofino Hotel and generally having an all around awesome time at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. I think my favorite actor can easily express my excitement about this trip for me:

*Goes off to start laundry and finish packing*

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