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*blinks*....I must pick one?

My Italian brain cannot process this request. I have no one go-to dish. All pasta is love and nom nom worthy. However, the one I make most often as it is simple and tasty goes something like this:

Cook pasta (thin spaghetti is normally what I have lying around)
Add, garlic, diced tomatoes, herbs (parsley, oregano, etc.), and toss in a little bit of melted butter or oil.
Can be topped with shredded parmesan or chicken if you like. soup lunch is looking very lackluster now :(
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The colors.

A lot of my fellow artist/friends seem to prefer the spring for that but I don't like the riot of color that season brings. It's a bit sensory overload for me and I much prefer the subtle shift from green to yellows and oranges and browns. The trees just seem more alive at this time of the year. Like they're a living photo of what it's like to catch the first rays of light from a sunrise. The world spread out before you all aglow, with warm embers touching everything you can see so that you just want to melt into that landscape. Every afternoon I drive home from work and it makes me want to grab my water colors and capture that beauty to share with everyone.

Not sure I'd do it justice or that anyone else would get that feeling from it though, so I just smile and enjoy the slow shift that seems to catch so many off guard.
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Thanks to Funday Monday's topic on [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, I've spent this week on new art and old art. And for once I don't mean crafts.

...though I have worked on those too....


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Anyway, just thought I'd share. Feel free to let me know if you like them though. ^_^
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Yar, me hearties! I ask ye - What be on a priates report card?

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(Brace yourselves for the pain of this one folks) )

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