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Title: Tumbling Into Madness: Chapter 1
Rating: PG13
Genre: Family, Adventure, Action, Romance, Crossover
Characters: Hatter/Alice from Alice (2009), Harry from Harry Potter, Various Wonderlanders
Word Count: ~4,700
Summary: Eight year old Harry Potter was trudging through another day when something terrifying and wonderful occurs. Find out what happens when he ends up on the other side of the Looking Glass...
Notes: The first book of my crossover trilogy between the 2009 movie Alice and Harry Potter. Starts before the movie and follows through to a little past the end, which is then picked up in the sequel with the Harry Potter books plots. No Alice knowledge is required to enjoy this fic, though it will provide some better mental pictures I'm sure. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Alice in Wonderland/Syfy's Alice, nor do I own the Harry Potter series. No monetary prophet is being made from this story. This disclaimer applies to all future chapters as well.

Chapter 1: With friends like these, who needs hallucinations? )

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Chapter three is being delayed. Sorry about that *wince*, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. It's a combination of the whole writing not being my strong suit and hobby overload. Happens to me sometimes when I focus too intently on any one craft. Cross-stitch, crochet, and now writing I suppose. I tried to cut this off by taking a over a month break....but I'm sure we all know how well THAT worked out. Ideas but no drive. The opposite problem that many author's I've followed seem to suffer from.

But that's not what I just realized.

It just hit me tonight what length of a story I've committed myself to and well....holy shit. My chapters average the 6k word length. Sometimes more sometimes less, but around that. According to my VERY sketchy outline, Harry won't get to Hogwarts until somewhere around chapter 15 (possibly as early as 10 depending on how things go) and I have this story ending when he's 14-15. CaC is going to easily eclipse TiM for length... and that kinda freaks me out. Not to mention I've already planned for this to be a three part set in the end (though part three will probably be the length of TiM). So's for me I suppose. *chuckles* It's what I get for letting my creativity run wild and people enjoying it I suppose. Ah well, as long as people continue to enjoy it I know I'll keep writing it. I want to know what happens just as badly! \o/

Now to show you all a glimpse of something I've been working on for the story. I am a sucker for details, and as fun as it is to read pieces that bash the books for the lack of them about wizarding society, I enjoy the stories that expand upon it more. So of course I'm doing the same. During the break between stories I made up time tables for the students and teachers at Hogwarts and I have to wonder Snape hates kids if this is how often he teaches them:

Poor Sprout is worse. She only has weekends to herself. I've made these based off the schedules available in the books, but they had some conflicting info that some things had to be moved. Still, should give you an idea of how I plan I suppose.
-Laialda ^_^
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I really enjoy writing these extra scenes as they give me a chance to not only do extra characterization that I couldn't fit in with the flow of the story, or flesh out events that get mentioned, but once again, have no home in the main story. Chapter three had been giving me such hell getting started that I thought about working on one, but I think I'll write one after it now that it's finally underway. I have a few that would compliment the plot right now (or for the next chapter) but not sure which I want to do more.
-The talk between Hatter and Pen I've referenced a few times, would mainly showcase the friendship they had along with Hatter's blatant inexperience with raising a kid
-Snippets of moments between Carol and Robert, including their reunion from Carol's POV, their first date, plans for the future, and possibly a bit with Hamilton family before Robert's kidnapping. A lot of their interaction happens off camera and I do feel like I neglect them
-Archibald Potter's fall into Wonderland, though if I do this one I may wait until after chapter 4 to post it as it would relate better

I have a few others that I've had on the plate since I started writing the extra chapters as well, one or two of which I've mentioned before.
-Charlie laying the reanimated knights to rest, which would include a tear filled moment between him and Sir Blagden as well as another hint for something I've been building on quite subtly, you know who you are if you've picked up on it ^_~
-More bonding/funny scenes with Harry and Hatter during Harry's two or so years in Wonderland, including the the hat catching on fire incident, the trip into Tugley Woods, and swimming lessons
-Jack and Duchess relationship scenes after Alice leaves, which would just be character building between the pair, fairly low on my list since they don't feature much in the sequel
-Reggie dealing with Hatter and Harry's 'sudden' disappearance after they go through the Looking Glass, and this will be moving up the list as I write more of CaC as it will become plot involved, but I don't think it will mesh well with the story flow, we'll see
-Summer vacation to Disney World, which has been done in other one shots before, but...well, they didn't have the people I have in mind to bring there *evil grin* >:D

Can you believe that all I need is a list of sentences (10 words or less typically) to remind me of these? I fear my brain will explode from all of these ideas one day... O.O

(p.s.-Chapter 3 is now titled There are no answers, only cross-references. Chapter 4 will be Go not to surrealist for council, for they will say both blue, and hippopotamus. The later of which I have on button pinned to the bulletin board at my desk. ^_^)

A glimpse

Jul. 5th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Working on chapter two at home but I had the inspiration for the dialog of a future scene for CaC while waiting for fireworks yesterday. It'll probably get adjusted when I get to this scene but I don't like leaving hand written pages laying about or document files filled with snippets (they make me want to finish them >.<) so decided I'd share this sneak peak here. It is dialog only, so have fun speculating who's talking. ^_~
"Are you quite alright?"
"I'm fairly sure I'm a decent mix of right and left actually. Are you all rights?"
"Oh of course not! And that wasn't what I meant. What I mean is that, umm, well...are you like a crazy person?"
"Well, if I was, then I would be and could be, but I never have been, not truly. So since I never was, and am not, then I must not be. That's logic yeah?"
"Oh. I see it now. You're one of those fans who take things to an unhealthy level aren't you? Fancy yourself as the Hatter then I suppose?"

"I'm afraid that job's filled actually."
"Yes well, I won't stick around and feed your obsession with a children's story. Undoubtedly you'll be asking me why a raven's like a writing desk next, when there are really much better riddles out there."
"The thought had-wait! You know the answer?"
"Of course I do. I mean, it wasn't terribly difficult to solve. Are you don't know?"

Do overs

Jun. 28th, 2010 07:27 am
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Started writing chapter one for the sequel last night. Got almost a full page typed before I realized I didn't like how it was going as the feel was all wrong. Still...some of the stuff sounded good as far as writing goes and I'm just going to dump it here for archiving. Wee! See creative process in action! >.<

Sometimes, it is the smallest actions that can have the most dramatic effects. A smile passed among strangers to lighten the day. Words whispered in darkened corners igniting a revolution. It is a theory commonly known as the butterfly effect, or occasionally an event called serendipity. In either case, it is small common day occurrence that compounds to far reaching consequences.


David Hatter, formally a native of Wonderland, was currently experiencing such an event as he sat on the couch of his rented apartment in New York City. The tension was easy to read in his shoulders as he played with the hat that had formally been sitting upon his head and his eyes flickered toward the door expectantly. His younger cousin, Harry Potter, and girlfriend, Alice Hamilton, were also present in the room and seemed to be showing varying degrees of tension as well as time continued to tick by. Not more than a few hours ago, it had been just a normal day for the current occupants of the moderately sized flat.


The appearance of a dove baring a short note had quickly compounded into much more than an innocent correspondence and was the cause of the current state of apprehension.


Hatter had attempted to appear unconcerned at the lack of answers from his phone call with his contact to his old world, and the reassurances that someone who could give him those answers would be arriving ‘soon’ continued to be insufficient as the minutes ticked by into hours.


When the knock on his front door came almost exactly two hours after his phone call, Hatter didn’t feel the need to ridicule the password system for once as he quickly made his way to see who was there.

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Now I know we all have mental images to how a character appears in a book, and I completely respect that. Being an artist however, I enjoy putting my visualizations to paper for a wide range of things. yes that's right, we don't all just make art to 'express ourselves' ^_~.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a downer for me and writing took a hit for it but somehow drawing, something I haven't really had a strong desire to do in months, took over and I was struck with the need to create my designs of Hatter and Harry from my AU story that meshes Wonderland and the Wizarding World together. So I present for your viewing pleasure:

11 Year Old Harry

Hatter Profile pic

Both of their smiles bother me a bit but the more I look at them, the more they grow on me and there comes a point when you just have to stop messing with something or you'll only make it worse >.<. Not to mention Hatter's keeps turning into that sort of 'come hither type of stare' O.O. He's also not inked in yet like Harry obviously so I'll probably update that in a day or two.

I'm not sure Harry can get much more 'I'm adorable, trust me' then I've tried to capture here... ^_^

I'm thinking Alice and Charlie ones next ^_^

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