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Finally got the husband to be to sit down and watch Doctor Who with me when I was visiting him last week and I am haooy to announce he has correct opinions about not only the loveliness of 9, but about the undeniable chemistry between the Doctor and Rose, and how much he liked their relationship along with enjoying Rose as a character/companion! :D <3

That's one ship checked off the ol' list. Hoping to get him on the Alice and Hatter one next ^_~
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So Fall started out looking great. I went to my convention, did really, really well and bought my plane ticket to go and see my husband next week. The rest of the month was looking free of convention obligation as my next one isn't until January and I could use the time to finally work on my long neglected fics.

Then my mother got admitted to the hospital with her right lung having collapsed.

She's been taking medicine since January to treat a bacterial infection in her lungs call MAK or M.A.I. and had just started treatment at the end of June for a lung fungal infection that she'd picked up thanks to her compromised immune system. So they re-inflate the lung, get her off the oxygen and send her back home...only for me to drive her right back up 3 days later as her lung had started to collapse again, thus requiring what ended up being a 3 week stay at the hospital while they performed 2 separate surgeries (one after 3 days the other after 10 when they noticed her lung was still leaking).

She's home now and on the mend, albeit very slowly since you know...lung surgery and all, and all my time has gone completely out the window. My days before were work, feed pets, go to hospital, go home sleep, repeat and are now basically the same except I get to stay at home while trying to keep my mother's sprint's up and taking care of just about all of her needs (the 20 foot walk to the bathroom from her bed leaves her winded and needing to catch her breath). My younger 22 year old sister has been helping out as much as she can as well, but she's working 30 hr weeks while attending school full time so her availability is much more limited than mine. I can only hope my mother is well enough to prepare her own food come next Thursday when I fly out as I don't think anyone will be able to help her during the day...

I'm also the family hub for information on how her recovery was and is still going. Most everyone has been understanding about when I get them information and thankful for being kept in the loop, but my uncle, my mother's brother, has been driving me a bit crazy with his expectations as I apparently wasn't doing enough to keep the house clean and looking well maintained during those 30 mins I was at home everyday. A point driven home to the extreme when I came home from work Monday to find him doing a (bad) vacuuming job, cleaning the kitchen, and picking up things around the house. Things that I had slowly been working on over the weekend and then had to go back behind him and put things where they actually belonged and re-cleaning his quick kitchen job. Urg. I'm also on the edge of taking it as a personal insult that he calls either my self or my mother everyday to make sure she's eating enough - meaning as much food as he eats in a day which my mother couldn't do even before she got sick. It's a large source of frustration...

Tl;dr - My mother has been in the hospital for the last month and all of my free time was spent keeping her sane or taking care of her. I out right laughed at a friend of mine that I hadn't seen since my convention asked how my wedding plans and immigration work was coming. I sneak in reading, tumblr, and look at all my wonderful flist when I should be sleeping and am pretty much exhausted and at my breaking point.

Next Thursday can not come fast enough....and I feel horrible for saying that. *Sigh*
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Title: Hues
Characters: Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)
Rating: Gen
Genre: General/Romance
Summary: The changes of a life viewed through other lenses.
Comments: A day late birthday gift for the lovely [ profile] silverlunarstar My first try at birthday fic bb, but I hope you like it. :)

It's a funny old saying really... )
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Admittedly it's not much so far. Just about a page of actual story- but that more than I've been able to do in HOW MANY MONTHS NOW?!

I started with NNW to get momentum before jumping back into CAC. Not to mention I need to do a reread so I can make sure the new chapter will flow well from the old one and refresh my memory while I'm at it. I won't post a spoiler preview for that (it could jinx things after all) but I will post the little write up I got for another scene for my Doctor Who! Crack piece. Not even gonna lie, it's probably the first scene I've had the idea for that actually made ME laugh as I was typing the summary. Good times you guys. Good times. ^_^

It was late in the evening and the Doctor was sitting at the kitchen table. Head and shoulders hunched inward as he wrote on the sheaf of paper before him. With a flourish of his fountain pen on the last word, the Doctor sat up and relaxed properly into his chair, a wistful smile on his face.

(Master comes over, peering over his shoulder and asks what the Doctor is doing. The Doctor tries to hide it, claiming they're episode rough drafts, but the Master grabs it, citing his need as a staff writer to see what he's got in mind, before loudly exclaiming that the Doctor was writing poetry. Love Poetry. In Gallifreyan. Badly. The Master dips and dodges the Doctor's attempts to get the paper back while the Master reads aloud:

Forever she shall be my star.
Though once I held her near,
Now she must guide me from afar.

He makes fun of the horrible rhyme and words choices. The Doctor claims he's translating to English on purpose just to make it sound terrible. Gleeful, the Master leads them outside where Romana is sitting and reading, (human slow) so to try and embarrass the Doctor further by showing her.

Romana listens to a few lines as he reads but doesn't show much reaction other than to look away from her book. When the Master stops, smiling broadly, she takes a second and then smirks at him while the Doctor snatches back his poetry. Romana teases the Master of being envious of the Doctor's ability to write emo poetry as he's never felt love like that, a fact she already knew of course, and that he should go away so she can read. The Doctor preens before realizing what Romana said about his poetry and goes off, muttering and smoothing out his now crumpled paper. The Master tries to claim their human relationship while they'd been fob watched was real, and Romana claims that if he really felt that way then he would be able to produce poetry of the same caliber for her, now wouldn't he?

Determined to prove her wrong, the Master pulls up a chair across from the Doctor – now back at the dinning room table – and swipes one of the sheets of paper before hunching over to write his own poetry. Pausing for a moment to ask the Doctor's opinion on having a rhyme about her idiocy, to which he claims that he'd rather want to go the other direction with a love poem. The Master just takes this as further proof that he doesn't know anything about true Gallifreyan poetry and keeps the verse...until he sees the Doctor has gone back to his own writing, as he then takes the moment to scratch out the verse.)

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OMG you guys. SO I know I've not been around much (and sorry, that won't really be changing until after September), but I have a long weekend so I took the time yesterday to finish my painting and I'm soooo HAPPY with it! :D


While I have a few nitpicking parts (that I won't get into) I'm overall very pleased with how this turned out. No idea what I'll be doing with it now, lol, maybe mate and frame it, but it's lovely and makes me happy.

On a side note: Reason for my absence? Conventions. I've been attending cons to sell my dolls and doing better than I'd anticipated so that's where all of my non-work time has been going. After Baltimore comic con in Sept. I won't have another con until Jan so I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that I'll be able to do some writing and other things during that time. Until then...I shall most likely continue to be a ghost that occasionally finds a moment to comment.
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With my next con quickly approaching this weekend, I've been scrambling to finish up all my new dolls this entire month. I posted some of them last month, but I'm now ready to share the big dump, so all you wonderful people can see why I've not been around posting/commenting or really do much of anything beyond simple replies.

The 4th Doctor




Dr. Horrible

And many more over in my deviantart gallery. I was going to post all the pictures...but there's about 10 in all and, yeah...that's a fair amount of images to load so I just picked my favorites of the bunch. :D
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Okay, maybe not my younger years childhood, but I did watch Rugrats quite a bit in my 'tween' years as my younger siblings often had it on.

Taken from Tumbler:
istoleatimelordtoseetheuniverse:<br /><br />tennantstype40:<br /><br />insidethedoctorsbluebox:<br /><br />filmsinthedarkofdawn:<br /><br />seerofsarcasm:<br /><br />chelseariffic:<br /><br />the-sonic-screw:<br /><br />rachelmakesitawkward:<br /><br />bluepoliceboxes:<br /><br />WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.<br /><br />I THINK MY ENTIRE LIFE JUST EXPLODED INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD.<br />My childhood. IT ALWAYS LED ME TO THE DOCTOR.<br /><br />I looked this up a while ago. Apparently the writers were HUGE Doctor Who fans…<br />…AND THEY BASED TOMMY OFF OF THE DOCTOR.<br />Think about it…always getting up to strange wonderful adventures, a charismatic &amp; whimsical leading character…<br />And what did Tommy always have with him?<br />HIS TRUSTY SCREWDRIVER.<br /><br />I’ve reblogged this before but I FORGOT ABOUT TOMMY’S SCREWDRIVER! He used it for everything! This is amazing.<br /><br />OH FUCK I DIDN’T KNOW THAT. I saw the Dalek picture here like a year ago but IT NEVER CLICKED THAT TOMMY WAS THE DOCTOR. OH FUCK.<br /><br />This always makes me so happy.<br /><br />I seen the daleks before, but TOMMY IS BASED OFF THE DOCTOR!?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />MIND = BLOWN<br />
I looked this up a while ago. Apparently the writers were HUGE Doctor Who fans…

Think about it…always getting up to strange wonderful adventures, a charismatic & whimsical leading character…
And what did Tommy always have with him?



Art update

Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:16 pm
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It's late and since I won't be home to work on it this weekend, thought I'd share my progress so far on my dancing piece:

(Excuse the crooked picture taking, :P)
As you can see, I decided on watercolor for the medium, but I'll be adding additional details and texturing afterwards with color pencils. Really, really happy with how this is turning out so far. Also, proof to all my claims about actually having a degree in this stuff I suppose, lol. This is about 6 hours in of work, and only half that time was on the background sections. it bad when I no longer want to drive to VA to see my sister's senior fashion show this weekend and work on my picture instead?
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Via [ profile] kilodalton

Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows. Comment, and I'll give you a letter!

I don't often take up memes, but this one offered a challenge and some interesting character introspection. So without further ado-

D is for, Companions, and Kings, and Conmen and more! )
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So I've got my next convention coming up on April 20th and to get ready for it I'm making lots of superhero/comic book dolls. So far I've finished:
Comic books and the Doctor's Sexy this way... )

A break...

Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:39 pm
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I was hired to create the cover art for 2 books in a new series last month, which is part of the reason I haven't been able to work on all the projects that I want to right now. Since I've been doing all this drawing however, I decided to take some of that time to at least sketch out a picture that I've been wanting to do for months and months. The results are not letting me down. :)

(Pleas excuse the image size friends, but I couldn't bare to find just a preview slice for this)

Haven't cleaned it up yet for an inking, but the inspiration for the picture came from a scene in one of my fics where Hatter takes Alice swing dancing. :) Not sure what medium I'll use to color it in yet though...
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Title: New New Wonderland - Prologue
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Gen., Crossover: Doctor Who/Alice, 2009
Main Characters: Ten/Rose, Martha, The Queen of Hearts, Hatter/Alice
Rating: Teen/PG13
Word Count: ~3,100
Parallel worlds come into existence almost every second of every day. Each decision you make creates a parallel existence, a different dimension where things end up almost the same or...evolve into something completely different. New Earth AU from S3

Notes: This is the beginnings of a (possibly) lengthy AU crossover piece with Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland. Specifically the version of the world from the 2009 movie called Alice. Knowledge of the movie will not be required to read/understand my little adventure here...but a quick wikipedia look up may help give you better visuals and hints about those characters in the story.

Should be a bit of fun involving science, 'magic', action, adventure, messing with timelines, and if the characters play their cards right...a reunion.

Prologue: A Change in the Ebb )
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A few hours into the day and I'm already receiving several birthday well wishes on all the usual suspects, as well as a few birthday first. I've never had anyone gift me a fic before and the digital cupcake was also a very nice surprise when I checked my messages this morning, so thank you for those my flist friends. ^_^

I wanted to take this moment however on my birthday to wish you all a very merry unbirthday in return! :D I even baked you a cake. ;)

A very nice robot gave it to me. Said she wouldn't be needing it for some reason...Oh well, more for us then!

I think I'll be spending my day doing some writing or drawing. Gym first though, that's sadly unavoidable, but floor/chair class is a fun way to do it I suppose. ;) You all enjoy this lovely cake and have a Very Merry Unbirthday!

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Took a break from my commission work and picked up a meme. XD This is why I'm not allowed access to the internet, I procrastinate. ;)

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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So, as some of you know, I have less than 10 months to my wedding and all the main hurdles are starting to become scary close...
Click for pictures and stuff )
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Title: Tumbling Into Madness: Chapter 1
Rating: PG13
Genre: Family, Adventure, Action, Romance, Crossover
Characters: Hatter/Alice from Alice (2009), Harry from Harry Potter, Various Wonderlanders
Word Count: ~4,700
Summary: Eight year old Harry Potter was trudging through another day when something terrifying and wonderful occurs. Find out what happens when he ends up on the other side of the Looking Glass...
Notes: The first book of my crossover trilogy between the 2009 movie Alice and Harry Potter. Starts before the movie and follows through to a little past the end, which is then picked up in the sequel with the Harry Potter books plots. No Alice knowledge is required to enjoy this fic, though it will provide some better mental pictures I'm sure. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Alice in Wonderland/Syfy's Alice, nor do I own the Harry Potter series. No monetary prophet is being made from this story. This disclaimer applies to all future chapters as well.

Chapter 1: With friends like these, who needs hallucinations? )

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So flisters, you may or may not have noticed a lack of any activity from me from about...mid November. The main reason for that being my friend and I were last minute confirmed for a table at the gaming convention Magfest. This of course meant the 5 months I originally had to make my little dolls suddenly became 1.5 and i had to crochet and sew like a mad woman.

All the work paid off in the end though as my friend and I had a kick ass time at the con and each made over 1k selling our geeky crafts. :D We were also interviewed! So if you'd like to see a tired Saturday morning me takling about my stuff then just click on the link here.

The most surprising thing for me at the con was just how popular Doctor Who was with gamers. I sold my 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 10th Doctor in Blue, Cyberman, and a plush TARDIS. Only poor Rose didn't sell :( Though I gave out lots of business cards to people anxious to see what new Doctor Who dolls I would make, so that's exciting as I love new friends/stalkers. ^_^

Two girls also made my weekend by knowing who/where my Hatter doll was from and we gushed over Mr. Potts for a good few minutes. :D

This was my first convention where I've been able to talk to people who are buying my dolls and it was really great to see how many people like my little creations, and talk to them about them. As such, I do have about 5 doll commissions to make before I can get started on new ones for my next convention in April (A comic con so lots of superhero dolls coming this way soon), but before then I want to churn out some new chapters for Curious and Curiouser. Poor chapter 11 has been in my head since June and I'd like to reward my faithful readers by writing up maybe another 4-5 chapters to post over the next 2 months so that while I'm working on dolls and things I don't have to worry about trying to write at the same time.

I'd also like to get some chapters written for my DW/Alice crossover New New Wonderland as I really want to get to the second arc as I've FINALLY over the last few months started to figure out how I'd change the plot of Alice. :)

Well, I've got one gaming onesie commission down and one to go before starting my dolls, but I'll be around the interwebs while I work so you should start seeing me around more. ^_^
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Title: For a Legend
Rating: PG
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family (also features character death)
Characters: Hatter/Alice from Alice (2009)
Word Count: ~1,100
Summary: "Though that was over 150 years ago," Hatter remarked skeptically as he turned to give this 'Alice' a once over, "Oyster's don't even live that long."
Notes: The start of my LJ posting of my fics, this short is honestly one of my favorite pieces I've ever written so I thought it would make a good starting point. Should still be enjoyable even if you don't know much about the movie.

Seventy-five years... )
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Title: Living the High Life - Part 5/5
Rating: PG13
Genre: Drama, Comedy (or trying for anyway), and some Angst
Characters: Ten, Donna, implied Ten/Rose
Word Count: 3,258
Summary: While traveling with Donna, Ten accidentally ingests an alien hallucinogenic that makes him believe Donna is actually Rose. Forced into an awkward situation with a suddenly happy and bestotted Time Lord, she will have to make a decision that could involve breaking his heart all over again.
Note: Well, this is the end people. As promised, I've kept the story as angst free as possible, and you should be able to see where it slots nicely into series 4 - if I do say so myself. Thanks for taking a read and feel to let me know what you liked, or didn't as the case may be. :)

Part 5 : Of All the Things I've Loved and Lost )

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